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What Is Soaring Unlimited?

Soaring Unlimited is a Christian based charity that has been working in Haiti since 1994 to develop and implement self-help programs for the impoverished people in Haiti.

Soaring Unlimited is based on the concept that Jesus is the "wind beneath our wings" to help us put wind beneath the wings of the poor and repressed people in Haiti where there is so much need.

Soaring Unlimited tries to assess the needs of the people in Haiti and develop programs to meet those needs. This has involved School Sponsorship Programs, Leadership Development Classes, English Language Classes, Garden Classes and many Public Health Programs.

Soaring Unlimited also built and operates a medical clinic for persons in a remote mountainous area where there is limited access to health care. Michigan State University doctors are closely associated with this clinic.

Soaring Unlimited is currently assisting a community group to build an orphanage for 32 children that have lost both parents.

The underlying purpose of Soaring Unlimited is to plant God's love into the hearts of the Haitian people. Without changing the hearts of people, lives will not be changed.

We hope that you will join our efforts to get the people here off the ground to a better life.

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Misson Statement:

Soaring Unlimited is a Christian based charity registered with the state of Michigan which is dedicated to developing and implementing self-help programs for the impoverished people of Haiti.

What is Haiti Like?

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What is Soaring Unlimited
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We are registered 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

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