Women’s Health Center

Project Underway! Since Soaring Unlimited Haiti launched construction of our new Women’s Health & Birth Center last fall, great progress has been made! Thanks to Building Goodness Foundation (BGF) for their productive process for moving ahead on the main building, which will house exam and delivery rooms for our women patients to receive prenatal care ….  Read More

Soaring Summer 2020 Update

During the pandemic, the director and board of Soaring Unlimited have continued to work towards growth, sustainability, and nonprofit best practices through online sessions with consultant Kathleen Guy. The focus on fund and board development has resulted in a fund development plan, addressing short and long- term goals, and expansion and diversification of our board ….  Read More

Covid-19 in Haiti

Haiti registered its first cases of the Covid-19 Coronavirus in mid-March, and the number of cases continue to rise. The neighboring Dominican Republic has had thousands more confirmed cases, and the border between the two nations that share the island of Hispaniola has been closed to help control the spread. All airports and ports were ….  Read More

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